Sunday, 10 February 2013

What really a hug mean???

What really a hug mean???

It was one fine chill evening, I went to a coffee shop with my friend. It was the first time that I am seeing that little girl. She is cute and charm. When she was walking here and there in that coffee shop, one of her shoe got slipped away from her foot. She tried to fix it back but couldn't make by standing in one leg. I was watching all these with my coffee. Without saying a word, I reached her and asked whether I could help her to wear her shoe.

She said okay with a cute smile. I helped to put her shoe back and tied her laze well. After that I asked her, whether she is okay now. She said okay and started walking few steps away from me. I don't know what she thought in her mind, she came back to me and gave me a hug with her little hands. I too hugged her and said her okay. How cute the way she said her thanks to me. Need to learn a lot from kids and I felt in mind that hugging a person is nothing but saying them thanks for being there for us. :)

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Mixed feelings..!!!

It was the symposium time in my college, when I was studying my final year B.E. All the departments were very keen to make their department's function to be good. Our department function was scheduled at the last. We have shared the positions and roles between ourselves to make function to be too good. I was in-charge of the catering department and its relevant things. We felt that we have reached the first milestone, when we hoisted the our department's big banner on top the administration building which has no proper support on its top for the students to stand comfortably to tie the edges of the banner.

The previous day to our symposium, most of my classmates had stayed back in college itself and was involved in many things like arranging chairs, purchasing things that are needed for next day, getting the systems ready for technical things and similar kind of stuffs. We worked on the whole day and night to set everything ready for the symposium. I didn't slept much on that night. Next day morning, when I was involved in cleaning unused things nearby the stage, I have seen my classmates have got ready and started to take their positions. I rushed to my room which was nearby my college and got refreshed and came back before the Chief Guest's arrival.

Few minutes later, the Chief Guest had arrived and inaugurated the symposium with his welcome speech. Later on the events and programs had started. Around 12.30pm, slowly the skies got covered with the rain clouds. Everyone was much worried that the symposium might get stopped due to rain. In the mean time, the rain had started drizzling slowly. I got the help of one of my friend and went to a small temple nearby my college and prayed for the rain to get stopped. When I came back near to my college, I have noticed that the rain had stopped and everyone in my class got delighted because of that including me.

I am the last person to have the lunch which was arranged for symposium. When I ate the first piece of that lunch, the tears came out automatically. I was unable to control it. One my friend nearby asked me that "Why are you crying da?". I replied him that 'I was much worried that the rain would stop the symposium and might vanish all our efforts that we put together for the same. Luckily, it was not happened". Since I was not able to eat much, finished it shortly and came back near to the stage. The afternoon session events were in progress at that time. Few hours later, unfortunately some misunderstandings had happened between the students and the management to take the symposium forward.

My department H.O.D. had appeared on the stage and announced that the symposium had stopped in the middle. I was shocked to hear this information and when I tried to reach the respective persons to ask the reason for it, they have played the National Anthem as a note saying that it got finished up. After the completion of it, I have started crying like anything. Many of my friends came to me and tried to console. I guess that was the only day in my life, I cried the most. I felt in my mind that life is all about happiness and sad. We have to pass through the things that comes all the way in life.

It's all about my dad!!!

When a boy is in his young age, his first enemy would be his father. I am not an exception to that. I too felt the same until one particular night, when I was studying for my entrance exams after 12th standard public exams.

It was around 12.30 am midnight, in a half sleep, I was rushing into the books that I had. I felt very sleepy and not that much interested to study. My father was sitting on a chair along with me and was about to sleep but managed to wake up himself without any reason.

I asked him that why you are awake and you may go and sleep. His reply had aroused tears on my eyes. He said that if anyone had a person beside them to cheer up, it would be very easy for them to achieve anything. Also added that if I had the company of him, I may study for longer time without worrying about being alone to study those books.

When I was studying my 12th standard, I asked him for a bike. He replied that you are too young now and you would get it after joining college. After I had joined college, I asked the same. He replied that I will get it after finishing college. After joining a company I asked him the same. He smiled and replied me that you are grown up and you could get the same on your own money.

I was worried at that time and felt that my dad had disappointed me in that. Few months later, I bought a Pulsar bike of my own and said him that I bought it myself. He said that it would be very easy to get you a bike on my money. He said, "You need to understand that nothing in this world is so easy to get it. You need to work hard to get anything in life. If you get something so easily, you will not know the real value of it and you may lose it shortly".

On that day my inner sight was opened and his words inspired me a lot. I proudly can say that my dad is my inspiration and first Hero. Love you Dad.